Electrician Cutting Wire In Electric System

When Should You Call an Electrician?

Electricity is at the forefront of modern living.

Having proper electrical wiring in your home and business is extremely important for your day-to-day recreational life as well as your professional life. Everybody is going to run into electrical issues at least once in their lives. But how do you know if the issue is serious enough that you should call an electrician? We are glad you asked!

Reasons To Call An Electrician

It can be a hard call to decide when it is time to call an electrician instead of repairing an issue yourself. To be safe, we recommend calling an electrician for most issues that require rewiring or installing new additions to your home such as security systems, a new breaker, etc.

Here at Macleod’s Electric, we understand that it can be confusing to decide when to pull the trigger and hire an electrician which is why we have put together this simple guide to help you identify some of the more common instances where you will need professional help to complete your electrical work!

Repeated Tripped Breakers

From time to time fuses will blow, this is normal, however, if you have a lighting set up or an outlet that is consistently blowing, you should contact your electrician so they can assess the situation.

Repeated tripped breakers indicate there is an issue with the wiring in one or more of the circuits of your home, and if ignored has the potential to be dangerous.

Another reason for regularly tripped circuits is an overloaded circuit. A famous example of this is when a home appliance and a hairdryer are running at the same time so make sure this isn’t the reason for the tripped breaker before contacting an electrician.

Our team of professionals can help you resolve your tripped breaker issue in a timely and cost-effective manner!

Service Panel Is Rusting

If you notice rust or moisture in or around your home’s main service panel, immediate action is required.

If there is rust and deterioration that threatens the main connections within and could indicate similar issues through your electrical system. This can be dangerous and has the potential to cause a fire, so make sure to take this seriously and call us here at Macleod’s Electric so we can help you and your loved ones stay safe.

You Receive A Shock When You Touch A Light Switch

If you receive a shock when you touch light switches or even outlets, this can be an indicator of your house having faulty wiring. This isn’t something you should ignore, so make sure to reach out to an electrician to have this assessed and find the root cause of your problem.

Trust Macleod’s Electric to keep you safe and properly diagnose your wiring problems. You won’t regret hiring our team of highly trained and licensed professionals!

Aged Wiring

If your wiring was installed more than two decades ago, it is time to have an electrician come in and assess your wiring to ensure it is still up to code and won’t cause any problems for you for the foreseeable future. Typically, after two decades, at least portions of your wiring will need to be replaced, so ensure you book your service appointment to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Put your trust in our team here at Macleod’s Electric and we will guarantee that we will provide world-class electrical service, no matter how big or small the request!

Macleod’s Electric – Your Electrical Experts!

Our team of trained and licensed professionals here at Macleod’s Electric is prepared to help you fix your electrical issues, no matter what the nature of the project is.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to get started and restore electricity to your commercial or residential space so you can get back to living your life in this modern world, It’s essential!