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Electrical Services for Moncton Businesses

Certified Commercial Electrician in Moncton

Our licensed electricians are prepared for any commercial electrical service. We provide top-notch electrical repairs, troubleshooting, installations, upgrades and remodeling for businesses in Moncton. Plus, MacLeod’s Electric is also a proud distributor of permanent backup generators.

If you have a need for backup generators, contact us. We’re equipped to handle all commercial generator needs. View our selection of generators below.
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Licensed Commercial Electricians In Moncton

Electrical Maintenance & Services For Your Business

Why do you need licensed commercial electricians?

Our team of commercial electricians are trained and equipped with the right tools to help your business avoid expensive breakdowns and inconvenient power outages. We understand that for your business to run smoothly, you need consistent and reliable electrical power. 

As part of our commercial electrical contracting services, we test your electrical systems and provide routine maintenance to ensure that your systems are operating efficiently. Not only can we reduce the risks and likelihood of power outages, but we can also help save utility costs and increase the longevity of your electrical components as well!


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Electrical Retrofitting for Commercial Properties

Hire MacLeod's Electric for your Commercial Retrofitting

Retrofitting gives you the opportunity to improve your commercial property’s energy efficiency with the integration of modern technology into its existing infrastructure.

Does your building require electrical retrofitting? If your property’s electrical systems are outdated, it could be time for you to make an upgrade. Retrofitting comes with many benefits, it increases energy efficiency, and can even increase property’s value.

Hire MacLeod’s Electric for your retrofit needs, we’re here to ensure that your commercial property is safe, efficient and up to date with today’s latest electrical technology.
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Quality Commercial Electricians Serving Moncton Businesses

Commercial Electrical Contracting Services

  • Electrical Repairs & Rewiring

We follow electrical safety code guidelines and provide a trained and reliable team of commercial electricians .

  • Electrical Panel Replacements & Repairs

Our licensed commercial electricians are experienced with replacing all types of electrical wiring – aluminum, tube, knob wiring and more!

  • Portable Backup Generators

Nobody has time to stop their business operations if the power goes out. Prepare yourself with a back-up generator! 

  • Lighting Installations

Our team specializes in installing efficient and effective lighting in your commercial space. We do everything from track lighting and recessed lighting, to automated lights as well!

  • And More!

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial electrical contracting services and how we can help with your commercial property or office space!

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Commercial Electrician FAQs

A commercial electrician is trained to work in commercial buildings to ensure that the electrical wiring and components are working efficiently and safely. Commercial electrical services require a thorough understanding of electrical load demands, building energy needs, and electrical wiring and installations.

Common jobs that are involved in commercial electrical work include:

  • Lighting installation
  • Efficient energy distribution
  • Electrical wiring
  • Electrical repairs
  • General building electrical requirements
  • Adherence to electrical safety codes
  • Electrical maintenance 

A surge protector is power strip that is designed to withstand a power surge to keep electrical equipment and components in your office/business safe. Not only do they keep your electronics safe from power surges, but surge protectors also increase the lifespan of your electronics.


It’s recommended that your electrical wiring and systems should be checked every 3-5 years depending on the type of building. With a proper electrical wiring test you should receive an electrical installation condition report. There is no harm in doing electrical testing more frequently to ensure safe and efficient wiring.


Electrical retrofitting refers to the process of replacing old electrical wiring and equipment. Retrofitting is done to improve functionality, increase safety and efficiency, and to upgrade outdated equipment that might not be up to safety standards anymore.

Yes. All electrical installation and repairs in New Brunswick need to be done in compliance with the New Brunswick Electrical Safety Code. All electrical work should be done by a licensed electrical contractor and requires an electrical permit.